Where to Find the Best Coffee In Kauai


What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning? For some, it’s the plans you have in store for the day ahead. But for others, it's the taste of that first sip of coffee that always manages to tempt you out of bed.

When on holiday in Kauai, there’s nothing more satisfying than waking up on this island paradise, watching the sun rise, and brewing a fresh cup of coffee while you plan the exciting adventures you’ll be diving into during your stay.

You’ll be glad to hear that it’s not hard to find a great cup of coffee in Kauai, with the largest coffee farm in the U.S - the famed Kauai Coffee Estate - and plenty of other local Kauai coffee roasters dotted around the island.

The only coffee-related dilemma you’re likely to face while on the island is trying to figure out which Kauai coffee shop offers the best coffee on the island, and we feel there are worse problems to be had! So, we’ve tried to make it simple, offering our personal recommendations for where we feel are the best coffee shops in Kauai so that you won’t miss out during your stay.

Java Kai and Kai Bar - Kapaa and Kilauea

Java Kai is possibly one of the raddest coffee shops found in Kauai. With a motto of ‘drink coffee or die’, you know you’re dealing with some serious caffeine fanatics when buying from this local coffee shop.

The chain has two locations, the east side shop in Kapa'a, and the north side shop, Kai Bar, located in Kilauea, so you don’t have to venture far to get your Java Kai fix!

Both locations offer a bright and inviting atmosphere for those who want to stop for a coffee, or something more filling. The Java Kai menu offers not only hot and cold drinks, but also breakfast, lunch and dessert options for those who are tempted to indulge. Think fresh bagels and sandwiches, juicy salads, smoothie bowls and sweet pastries!

And for when the one cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it, you can purchase Java Kai’s hand-roasted coffee in-store and online. This way, you can indulge in a fresh coffee in your accommodation or even when you’re feeling nostalgic back at home, so you never have to forget the taste of some of the best coffee in Kauai.

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The Bread Co. - Hanalei

A locally owned and operated business in Hanalei on the north side of the island, The Hanalei Bread Company is a popular spot to grab a coffee for locals and tourists alike. The business is formed of an organic bakery and delightful coffee house, which share a rustic, charming cafe space located close to the beach in this small seaside town.

Often packed with visitors looking to grab a delicious cup of coffee and one of the company’s famous freshly baked goods, we highly recommend hanging around and grabbing a spot on your next visit to this local Kauai coffee shop.

The company is dedicated to growing fresh, organic produce which they take pride in serving to their customers. Their small organic farm, Zephyr Farms, was formed as a sister business of the company to grow fresh produce and greens used for its menu items.

The mouth-watering bites to eat that you’ll find on the menu includes classics like avocado on toast, moreish sandwiches and pastries. Of course, there are also plenty of hot and cold drinks on offer as well, including many coffee options that have been grown and harvested locally in Kauai.

Wake Up Coffee Bar - Hanalei

Also located in Hanalei, the Wake Up Coffee Bar is a vibrant and quirky cafe that you’ll want to add to your list of Kauai coffee shops to hit up when in the area. What most people love about this place is the decor; the walls are plastered with pictures and adorned with items that give off an authentic Hawaiian surfer vibe, radiating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Wake Up Coffee Bar is located on Kuhio Highway, the main road through Hanalei, and is within easy reach of Hanalei Bay, which has one of the beaches in Kauai that we highly recommend stopping at during your stay.

The cafe is best known for its fancy bagels, but also offers other appetizing breakfast and lunch items alongside delicious Kauai coffee. You’ll be sure to get your caffeine kick, and more, on a visit to this lovely little spot.

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Trilogy - Kilauea

You’ll find Trilogy Coffee and Tea Bar on the north shore of the island in the heart of Kilauea. Offering high-quality coffee, a delicious range of teas and tasty treats, the coffee shop prides itself on its organic, raw, vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Stopping for a cup of coffee in the soothing atmosphere of this establishment is bound to leave you feeling relaxed. It’s known for the friendly baristas who are passionate about coffee, making it an ideal destination for coffee lovers and those who want a welcoming experience and a fresh cup of joe.

Trilogy’s menu items include nourishing and delicious options, with raw and organic main meals as well as vegan and vegetarian sweet treats, so you can dive into plenty of tasty options without feeling any guilt!

What makes Trilogy stand out the most is the option for online ordering. You can pre-order your favorite drinks to pick up from the cafe, or, purchase Trilogy’s signature coffees, bottled drinks and teas to enjoy even when you’re not in the area.

Little Fish Coffee - Koloa

An inviting stop-off point while exploring the island, Little Fish Coffee Shop is a fully outdoor coffee house, allowing customers to soak up some rays while indulging in its food and beverages that claim to make you feel as ‘happy as a fish’.

This cafe’s favorite and most famous item on the menu is its acai and yogurt bowls. Garnished with fresh fruit, nuts, granola and other tempting toppings, these healthy bowls are ideal for when you’re seeking a boost of energy before a day exploring the island.

You can find Little Fish Coffee on the south side of the island in Koloa, on the main Poipu Road. Located close to the popular Poipu beach, you can make a day of visiting this coffee shop by relaxing on the beach and venturing only a short walk away to grab a bite to eat and a hot or cold drink.

And finally, what we’re all here for, the coffee! This shop offers their own Fairtrade Little Fish coffee blend, which you can buy bags of to take away. This means you can enjoy some of the best Kauai in coffee when and wherever you are, but we think this is a coffee shop worth visiting when exploring the south shore.

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Small Town Coffee - Kapaa

Nicknamed ‘the little red bus’ and located in the North Shore town of Kapaa, the Small Town Coffee Company has been open since 2004 and is known not only for its iconic appearance, but also its great atmosphere and even greater coffee, which puts it high on our list as one of the best coffee shops in Kauai.

Visitors can order their delicious drinks, pastries and other savory and sweet snacks at the old school bus, and sit just outside for a bit of people watching, perched under a parasol next to this buzzing curbside location.

When you’ve finished your coffee, head out and explore the rest of the area. Kapaa is one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, with plenty of local shops and delectable eateries to keep you busy during your visit

Pono Coffee and Bakery - Kapaa

Perfectly located on the edge of Kapaa Beach - one of Kauai’s most beautiful stretches of shoreline on the east of the Kauai - Pono Coffee and Bakery is the number one spot for those who cannot resist a freshly baked pastry.

The menu includes all your favorite sweet and savory goodies, including hot dogs, ham and cheese rolls, doughnuts, and scones. If you’re looking for something to pair with a hot cup of coffee, you won’t be short of options!

You can phone the shop and order what you want in advance if you’re strapped for time, but it’s nice to visit and have a browse of the drinks and food on offer and even ask for a personal recommendation if you’re unsure of what to order. The shop is small and humble, located in one of the loveliest parts of the island, and should definitely be added to your list if you’re in search of some of the best coffee in Kauai.

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HA Coffee - Anahola

You’ll find HA Coffee tucked away in the Anahola marketplace. Known as ‘the gateway to the north shore’, you’ll find small local businesses and vendors thriving here and offering their customers some of the finest food, drink, crafts and entertainment in the area.

This is definitely a shop that specializes in coffee, whether you’re after a classic cappuccino or something more specialist like a cold brew. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea (so to speak) then never fear, as there are plenty of other hot and cold drinks on offer including tea, lemonade and hot chocolate.

If it’s just a bite to eat you’re looking for, HA Coffee also delivers. There are acai bowls, sandwiches and bagels on the menu every day, which you can enjoy as you stroll around the other market stalls or take with you as a picnic.

You’ll also be able to bag yourself some coffee to take away, which is a great way of supporting this local business. With a range of different whole beans on offer, if you fall in love with one of the blends you won’t have to worry about parting with it at the end of your vacation.


When trying to decide on the best coffee in Kauai, these Kauai coffee shops and stores are our personal favorite spots that we would recommend to anyone who wants to experience some of the best coffee on the island. Whether you’re looking to refuel after a day of exploration, need to wake up in the morning to plan the day ahead, or just want to enjoy a half-hour with a book in a local cafe, these Kauai coffee shops won’t disappoint.

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Published on Sunday, October 16, 2022