Our Mission

To create and deliver the world’s best vacations.

Our Team

20907 Purekauai265 M

Phil has over 40 years of experience in the travel industry. He founded and ran L.A. Ski & Sun Tours, one of the largest ski tour operators in the US that provided vacations for over 100,000 travelers during his tenure. He also owned the Muscle Truck Company, which built and rented mobile fitness facilities for movie celebrities to train while on location. He is the founder of Pure Kauai (2001) and is the proud father of two children, Kalina and Bodhi.

Phil Jones


20909 Mary M

Mary is the glue that holds Pure Kauai together (and she keeps track of the money). She has lived in Aspen, New York, Southern California and Kauai – involved in tourism and customer service through her entire career. Her fun personality makes paying for your vacation almost as fun as your trip (as hard as that may sound). She lives in Kauai with her husband and their beautiful daughter.

Mary Gauba

Guest Services

23591 Chris M

As a sophomore in college Chris helped found a career development startup. Over his 14 years as President he helped lead the business from startup to an industry-defining company with 50+ employees and operations in 10 cities around the world. His experience has been focused in executive leadership/management, sales & marketing and operations. Since then, Chris is now a managing partner at Go Capital and main Principal at Pure Kauai. Chris graduated with a degree in general management and Spanish from Boston College.  He is originally from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Chris Duggan


20912 Cody M

Cody Leclaire

Head of Operations

20913 Allie M

Allie Mason works with Julie at Elevation Tax & Accounting Inc., and has partnered with Pure Kauai to head the accounting department. She has over 15 years of experience, as well as an AS in Hospitality Administration/Management. She strives to make sure everything is done efficiently and accurately, all while keeping the “fun” in accounting. Born and raised in Wyoming, Allie now lives in Florida with her husband and daughter. While she is not on island, it has been Allie’s goal to work with everyone to keep the accounting going strong.

Allie Mason

Head of Accounting

20915 Jason M

Jason is a dedicated hospitality professional. He has worked in customer service on Kauai since 2009, with 25+ total years in the industry. Prior to Pure Kauai, Jason worked in the wine industry and is a level 1 sommelier. Jason is creative by nature. He is a passionate painter and an evolving abstract artist. He loves to cook and create beautiful culinary masterpieces, listen to and play music, dance, enjoy outdoor life, adventure, and experience the magic of Kauai. Jason enjoys utilizing his passions, experiences, and island knowledge to help guests curate their epic dream vacations.

Jason Bartenbach

Kauai Host

20908 Purekauai229 M

At 18, Justin moved to Oahu from Oregon in search of warmer surf. While on Oahu, he received a degree in Biology from Hawaii Pacific University and worked as marine biologist for NOAA, and The National Marine Fisheries. In 2007 he moved to Kauai and has called it home ever since. Growing up with active parents, when Justin isn’t surfing, he enjoys running, hiking, yoga, jiujitsu, fishing and more. He is also a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Justin Sudtelgte

Kauai Host

20914 Purekauai258 M

Leticia Elzaurdia

Kauai Host

20911 Aaron M

Aaron Martin, a Maine native with a BA in Geography, has built a diverse career rooted in his love for nature and exploration. He built a career in Kaua'i's tourism industry, where he worked as a guide, naturalist, and outdoor educator, also spending time as a guide in in Alaska. His role as a university course facilitator on a tall ship allowed him to travel extensively across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and various island cultures, deepening his understanding of diverse perspectives and problem-solving. Despite ventures into San Francisco's tech industry, Aaron's affinity for Kaua’i led him back to the hospitality and tourism sector. He founded a business, consulted another, and eventually joined Pure Kaua’i, where he collaborates on creating unique experiences on the North Shore of Kaua’i, aligning with his lifelong passion for exploration and cultural appreciation.

Aaron Martin

Head of Services

20922 Julie M

Julie Maxam is the co/owner of Elevation Tax and Accounting Inc in Pinedale, Wyoming.  We have partnered with Pure Kauai to help with accounting services.  My husband and I were born and raised in Wyoming.  I have been in the accounting field for 36 years and so happy to be working with the wonderful individuals that are Pure Kaui.

Julie Maxam


20916 Blake M

At the age of 22, Blake embarked on a transformative journey to Kaua’i, realizing his dream after a chance meeting with Phil at Kalypso. His vibrant personality not only opened doors in Hawaii but also deeply enriched his life and well-being. An avid fisherman, Blake is as skilled in free diving as he is with a fishing pole, and his passion for the island life extends to a profound immersion in Hawaiian culture, from its rich history to its diverse flora, fauna, and folklore. When he's not working, fishing, or soaking up local traditions, Blake can be found exploring the majestic mountains of Koke’e, camping under the stars with friends and his faithful dog, fully embracing the breathtaking beauty and spirit of this Hawaiian paradise. Blake's journey is more than a relocation; it's a heartfelt embrace of life, nature, and culture in one of the world's most enchanting locales.

Blake Saviers

Guest Services

Our Core Values

Unity in Diversity

We blend individual talents and team collaboration to create unique, memorable experiences, shaped by our collective creativity and personal touch.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty and responsibility, ensuring every interaction and decision is rooted in trust.

Aloha Spirit

Our team embodies the warm, welcoming essence of Kauai, fostering a sense of belonging and kindness in every encounter, both within our community and with our guests.

Heart of Service

Driven by a deep passion for service, we dedicate ourselves to crafting unforgettable experiences, ensuring each guest's journey is as unique and special as they are.


Fostering unity and belonging, we deeply connect with the island, our guests, and our team, to enrich each experience with compassion.