Which Side of Kauai Has the Best Weather?

While Kauai enjoys very high average temperatures, the weather is very variable depending on which side of the island you are on. The north and south sides of the island have pretty different climates and conditions, so before you head to the Garden Isle for a vacation, you should know the best side of Kauai in terms of weather conditions.

If you’re wondering which side of the island has the best weather, here’s a comparison of Kauai north shore vs south shore.

Weather on the North Shore of Kauai

The north shore of Kauai is part of the Hanalei District and covers the area of Na Pali Coast in the west to Larsen's Beach in the east.

The north shore of Kauai experiences much more rain compared to the south. Winter swells on the north shore can sometimes be dangerous, so it's advisable to check the weather reports before indulging in water activities, such as surfing.

Although North Shore is generally less sunny, the landscapes in the area are more breathtaking. The towering spires and breathtaking waterfalls of the Na Pali coast give way to lush green mountains that surround Hanalei Bay's turquoise blue waters.

The north shore is generally less commercial than the south, with a plethora of beautiful beaches that are sparsely populated and scenery that is much lusher and jungle-like. In Whilst its more 'remote' nature means that there are fewer organized activities available, it's an ideal place for those who prefer to relax, including honeymooners who want to enjoy some peace and privacy. The North Shore is also the main gateway to Na Pali Coast; the most popular attraction in Kauai.

Hanalei Bay

Weather on the South Side of Kauai

The south side of Kauai is relatively dry most of the year. It receives less rain compared to the North Shore; whilst the north of the island gets up to six inches of rain in summer, the south experiences rainfall of only less than two inches during this time of the year. These differences continue even until the winter season.

Since the south shore is the sunny side of Kauai, it gets lots of tourist traffic and is more commercialized. It's also a better choice in terms of beach proximity.

South Shore is home to some of the best beaches in Kauai, such as the Kiahuna Beach at Poipu and the Brennecke Beach. It’s also the best access point for exploring the Waimea Canyon and is much closer to the airport. Since the area receives less rain, you'd be able to enjoy more outdoor activities when you stay in this part of Kauai.

Poipu Beach

What Side of Kauai is the Best to Stay On?

When comparing north vs south Kauai, it's clear that South Kauai has better weather, since it doesn't get too much rain. However, staying on the south side of Kauai also comes with its disadvantages, such as the tourist crowd.

If you're not sure which of the best side of Kauai to stay in, consider the activities you wish to do on your holiday and the weather conditions you prefer. For instance, for those who prefer to experience the authentic side of Kauai, away from the tourist crowd, the North Shore would be ideal. But if you don't want the occasional rain and prefer the sunny weather, then the south would be better.

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Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2022