Where to Stay In Kauai With Family

Kauai is renowned for its spectacular scenery and stunning beauty. All these things make it the perfect host for a family holiday, as there is so much space for so many adventures!

Having less tourist traffic than some of the other, larger Hawaiian islands means that Kauai is great for families. Whether you are seeking an action-packed vacation full of water sports, hiking, ziplining and mountain tubing or hoping to spend your holiday lounging on the beach, you can find it all in Kauai.

If you want to know more about what Kauai has to offer for families, keep reading to find out our top recommendations below!

The Best Time to Visit Kauai

When visiting Kauai with family, it may be helpful to know when the best time to stay on the island is to ensure that you avoid busier periods and catch better weather.

The months of April, May, August, September and October are known for being the favored months to visit the island, as the weather is much less humid which makes the climate much more comfortable for younger children. During September and October, the island is also much quieter in terms of tourism, which makes navigating around Kauai far easier with a family.

Where to Stay on Kauai

Napali Coast Landscape

Where you choose to stay when visiting Kauai will usually depend on what you are looking to get from your holiday, as there is a huge variety from jam-packed adventure trips, to more relaxing beach vacations.

The south of Kauai is known as being the sunnier side of the island, with this area generally seeing a little less rain than the north. However, this does mean that those looking to lounge on the beaches, tend to stick to places along the South Shore when they visit, which generally this side is much busier than the north.

If you choose to visit the north of Kauai, you will see why the island has gained its name ‘The Garden Isle’. As the north of the island has more rain, this means that the greenery here has been able to thrive, creating an adventurer's paradise. With its incredible greenery, tropical rainforests, mountains, and white sandy shores, you are surrounded by rugged beauty no matter where you look.

North Shore

The north side of Kauai is heaven for families. With its open spaces and abundance of things to do, you can fill your time on the island with different adventures to suit everyone.

There is an array of land and water activities on offer on this side of the island, so whether you are looking to hike through the dense rainforests or bodyboard on some of the best beaches, neither adults nor kids will be disappointed!


There are many locations in the North of Kauai to choose from, all offering stunning sandy beaches and a plethora of things to do. Below are some of the top places to stay when visiting Kauai.

Anini Beach

Anini Beach is perfect for families, as it offers a convenient location for those looking to spend their holiday outdoors with plenty of great snorkeling and surfing nearby. Situated on a white sandy cove, Anini is the perfect paradise for a great family trip to Kauai.


If you’re seeking somewhere to stay that looks like it is straight out of a Hollywood movie, then you want to stay in Hanalei. With a mighty mountain and outstanding waterfalls nearby, there is plenty to do here, with activities including snorkeling, surfing, shopping and sightseeing.


Princeville is a stunning beach town that offers spectacular views across the Pacific Ocean. With beaches, shopping centers, restaurants and many outdoor activities all close by, it is the perfect place to stay with your family.


Nestled away close to Kilauea and Anini, you’ll find Kalihiwai, which translates to ‘waters edge’. This elegant neighborhood offers great things to do for the whole family and will provide you with the perfect place to have a relaxing and luxurious stay.

When staying in the North of Kauai, Pure Kauai has a stunning range of rental properties that cater for a wide range of needs. Whether you are looking for somewhere near the popular Hanalei Beach, on the coast of Anini or near the charming town of Princeville, Pure Kauai has it all and much more.


Sunset at Hanalei Beach

The beaches on the north coast of Kauai are world-renowned for their incredible surf, with Hanalei Bay is especially popular for its water activities. If the kids are looking to also give surfing a go, there are also plenty of opportunities for surf lessons when visiting the north, a great way for them to test the waves in a safe environment.

If you are seeking beaches with calmer waters for the kids to paddle, there is still plenty on the North of the island to choose from. Anini Beach is a great option for those visiting with the family, as there is plenty of shade and much smaller waves, making it safer for little ones to enjoy the water.


With an array of different mountains to climb, jungles to explore and beaches to stroll, there are plenty of hikes in the north of Kauai that are suitable for the whole family.

One of the favored walks for families is the Okolehao Trail, situated close to Princeville. The hike is around 2.5 miles and is suitable for those with a moderate hiking ability, as there are some more strenuous parts along the trek. With views over Hanalei Bay and the valley, as well as the Kilauea lighthouse, this makes for a great family day out.

Another hike in Princeville is the Powerline Trail, stretching from the north to the east side of the island. You have the option to do this hike from either end and can turn back at any point as it is a very accessible path. This is another great option for families as the trail has many exciting viewpoints along the way and offers a clear guided path.

There are many more hiking adventures to be discovered on the Northside of Kauai, however, some of the others are of a more difficult hiking nature, which isn’t ideal for small children. If you happen to be visiting with kids that are up to the challenge, then you can uncover more of Kauai’s top trails here.

Kauai Kids Activities

Whether you are looking for things to do in Kauai with toddlers or older kids, you will find plenty on the north of the island that will keep everyone entertained. With activities such as bike rides and horseback riding, as well as caves and botanical gardens to explore, there are plenty of great ideas to fill your holiday with lots of wonderful memories.

There is also the option to spend days at the beach or in the great outdoors while visiting Kauai, this is a great way to explore the island and teach the little ones all about Hawaii and the different wildlife and nature that lives on this island.

South Shore

The south side of Kauai is best for its great towns such as Poipu and Kapa’a, as well as its tranquil beaches and stunning backdrops of rocky cliff edges that tower over the turquoise ocean. Much like the north of the island, the south has plenty of things to do for the whole family, a few of which have been mentioned below.


Poipu Beach


Poipu is a southern town that makes for a great family vacation. With an array of stunning beaches, underwater caverns, great hotels and two shopping centers, there is something in this quaint Hawaiian town to keep the whole family busy.


Much like the north, the south of Kauai has an array of great beaches, most of which are family-friendly. If you are seeking a good beach with lifeguards on duty then you will want to head to Kealia Beach. In comparison to the other shore, where surfers frequent, Kealia has relatively calmer waters, and more shade alongside the reassurance of a lifeguard, although the waves are still too rough most of the year for younger children to safely enjoy.

If you were hoping for more adventure and excitement when visiting the beach, then the north is where you will want to go. With stronger winds and bigger swells, the surfers and adrenaline junkies tend to head to the northern shores.


Wailua Falls

A couple of the better-known waterfalls in this area are Opaekaa Falls and Wailua Falls.

Opaekaa Falls is situated in the Wailua River State Park and offers incredible scenic views of the mountainside, valleys and rolling grassy knolls. The 151-foot waterfall cascades into the pool, plunging deep into the surface of the water.

Wailua Falls is slightly smaller than Opaekaa but still sits at an impressive 80-feet high. You will find the waterfall to the north of Lihue and at the south end of the Wailua River. The stunning location has been used for many famous movies, as the backdrop here is something quite extraordinary.


When deciding where to stay with your family, it is important to bear in mind different factors such as weather, space, busy months of the year and what there is to do to keep everyone entertained! If you are looking for a quieter, wholesome family trip, the north of Kauai is great for this as it has plenty of space and is home to some of the best places for adventures to unfold.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay on the island, Pure Kauai has a stunning selection of rental properties that are perfect for a family vacation in Kauai. If you would like any more information, please get in touch with our team, who can assist you in planning your dream getaway.

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2022