How to Get to Kauai


After being voted one of the most desired travel destinations in the world, it comes as no surprise that so many people want to travel to Kauai. When deciding to book a special trip to the tropical haven that is the island, it is important to know your options in terms of transport.

The two main things to consider when planning your holiday to Kauai is knowing when and how to get there. You should also be sure to research the weather in Kauai to help with your decision making on when it might be best to travel.

There are a couple of different methods for traveling to Kauai, so to help make an informed decision on getting there, we have put together a few options below.

How Do You Get to Kauai?

When looking for ways to get to Kauai, the easiest and most efficient way to travel to the island is by plane. Direct flights are available from several different locations which will take you straight to Lihue Airport, Kauai.


Flight into Kauai

There is only one commercial airport on Kauai island, which is Lihue airport, located on the east side of Kauai. With direct flights only from the US and Canada, if you are flying from another country you will have to jump on a connecting flight to get to Kauai.

When traveling from countries that don’t offer direct flights, you can also fly from the other large islands in Hawaii such as Honolulu International, and then hop on a short 20-minute flight to Kauai that will take you directly to Lihue Airport. Its recommended to have only one connection when flying to Kauai if possible, so bear this in mind when planning your trip.

If you’re coming from the East Coast, your best option is to take a flight directly to Oahu, as this saves 2 hours of travel. If you’re coming from the West Coast, it's smart to fly directly to Kauai to save time.

Hawaiian Airlines may be one of the friendliest airlines in the USA, so is definitely the airline to fly with if possible. Hawaiian Airlines and Alaskan airlines have some great direct flights to Kauai from the West Coast and Vegas, and Hawaiian Airlines also has direct flights into Oahu from Boston and NYC.

To make for a more efficient and enjoyable journey, Pure Kauai also offers airport car services that will ensure you and your guests are transferred from the Lihue straight to your accommodation. You can take a look at these here.


Boat on Kauai

At present, there is no way of getting to Kauai by boat. The only way to travel to and from the island is by plane, as we have outlined above.

You can still enjoy boat trips from Kauai once you get to the island, even if you’ve arrived by plane. Whether you are looking for a romantic sunset cruise or an exhilarating family day out to catch a glimpse of whales and other Hawaiian marine life, Kauai has many boat trips available to suit a range of travelers and to help create an adventure-packed holiday.


Kauai’s remote location and small size means that options for getting to the island are fairly limited. However, there are many benefits to its isolated position in the Pacific Ocean, most importantly the incredible scenery and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing vacation to get away from it all.

If you’re planning on staying in Kauai, Pure Kauai offers a range of stunning island accommodations to choose from. Get in touch with our team to find out more, or browse our available properties here.

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2022